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Organic Compost Tumbler. World's Best Composter.
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World's Best Organic Compost Tumbler

Dear Fellow Gardeners,

Organic Compost Tumbler
World's Best Compost Tumbler
(UCT9 9 CU/FT model)

My name is Chris, I am a gardening fanatic. Like most gardeners I recognize the value of compost. The three main nutrient ingredients of most fertilizers, Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous are important, truly important, but in reality plants need numerous nutrients you do not get in a typical fertilizer. The best source for these micronutrients is compost.

But... I won't bore you about all the benefits of compost, I talk about that here. Instead I want to tell you about what we sell, the World's Best Organic Compost Tumbler. We don't manufacture this tumbler, we didn't design it. I just went out and researched all the different varieties of tumbler and this is the one I chose, because I honestly believe it is the best compost tumbler you can buy. I wanted to sell not just any compost tumbler, but the best compost tumbler, and I think I found it.

Why Our Composter is the World's Best

First of all compost tumblers are miles ahead of compost bins or piles. The most important ingredient for creating good compost is oxygen, and when you have a stagnant pile you can't easily get oxygen into the middle of it. Sure you can turn it, maybe using a pitchfork, maybe using a compost turning gizmo, but quite frankly it can be really hard. When I compost I compost kitchen scraps, leaves, weeds, spent flower stalks, and bush clippings. Some of those things can be a little rigid and deep inside the pile they end up tangled together and they do not want to budge.

Now, like most in suburbia, I have a small yard, so I can't make a big free form pile that would be easier to turn. In fact my first composter was a bin model and trying to get a pitchfork into a 4 foot high bin and having any leverage in which to turn the contents was near impossible. So as a result of having a bin composter I couldn't turn it easily and so it never got turned and the finished compost took around a year to make.

So easy to turn! No cranks to break!
(UCT7 7 CU/FT model pictured)

What is great about a tumbler of course is that you don't turn the compost, you turn the tumbler, which in turn shifts the composting ingredients inside around enough to aerate them making finished compost in as little as 2 weeks. So why did we choose to market this compost tumbler, instead of all the others? Two reasons mostly, durability and ease of use. Most other compost tumblers turn on a horizontal axis using a crank system that can both break, and cause arm fatigue. Our compost tumbler spins on a vertical axis on an axle so there is no crank or gears to break and you can use your entire weight, not just your arms, to turn it.

Of course the benefits do not stop there. The larger 9 cubic feet model is made of 100% recycled food grade plastic (BPA Free), which is great for mother nature. Then of course the fact that it spins on a vertical axis means that the opening can be both high, for easy filling when dumping in, and low for easy dumping when the compost is done. This is in contrast to horizontal based tumblers that require you to shovel in materials and shovel out compost, ours is dump in and dump out. Nothing could be easier.

Patented Core Aeration

Then of course there is the patented core aerating system, something you will not find on other tumblers. So in addition to tumbling the compost it also gets an internal air infusion. This speeds up the composting process even more.

The final reason I feel that our composter is the world's best, is portability. Bins that sit on the ground with no bottom cannot be moved or you'd lose everything inside. Larger horizontal tumblers on metal frames can be ungainly to move. Now while our tumbler isn't really light, it is sturdy and can easily be moved (even when full) by one or two people depending on body strength. This means in the Summer you can put it in an optimum locations near your garden that gets full sun, whereas in Winter you can move it and put it by your back door so you do not have a long trek to recycle your kitchen scraps in your composter, and lets face, it, the easier it is to get the scraps to the composter, the higher likelihood that you'll do it, even on those really cold days.

So there you have it folks, the world's best garden compost tumbler. For more technical details and specifications you can proceed to our purchase page which will lead you to our secure checkout system. You can also browse our articles on living green or composting basics. Finally, if you need even more convincing that our composter is the best one money can buy, check out our composter comparisons.

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