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Organic Compost Tumbler. World's Best Composter.
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Composter Comparison

There are numerous types of composters out there, so why should you buy ours? Well this page is meant to answer that question. We've provided a quick comparison below of the most popular types of composters.

bin composterHorizontal Compost TumblerBest Compost Tumbler
Made of Recycled Materials Sometimes No, metal stand Yes, 100%
Tumbles for Quick Composting No Yes Yes
Easy to Stir/Mix No Yes Yes
No Moving Cranks/Gears That Can Break Yes No Yes, spins directly on axle
Easy to Fill Yes No, high horizontal opening Yes
Easy to Empty No, must dig out of bottom No, must scoop out of top. Yes, just turn and dump
Internal Aeration No No Yes
Secure from Rodents No Yes Yes
Easy to Move No, open to ground No, bulky wobbly stand Yes, solid & lightweight plastic
Easy to Tumble N/A No, hand crank tires arm Yes, vertical movement powered by your entire body weight
Where Made? ?? ?? USA
Typical Price $139 + Oversize Shipping $400-$500 + Shipping $285.95 + Free Shipping
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Still not convinced? Check out our article on how to shop for a compost tumbler for more information on what features you need and what sets our tumbler apart.

All our products are made in the USA
at factories in California & South Carolina.
Made in the USA

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