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Living Green - Organic Compost Tumbler. World's Best Composter.
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Living Green

As gardeners we're passionate about growing things, and most of us are equally passionate about taking care of the environment. The fact is that plants don't grow well, if at all, in polluted soil, and fields of flowers are far more beautiful than landfills. If we can all do our part we can keep the Earth looking beautiful.

Composting, and specifically buying our compost tumbler, helps accomplish this. Unlike many of our competitors our compost tumbler is made of 100% recycled material in regards to the UCT9 model, and 95% recycled material for the UCT7 model. Products that could have ended up in a landfill have instead ended up as a useful product for your garden.

Take this a step further, the very act of using a compost tumbler is recycling. I often sigh in frustration when I drive down the streets in the fall and see all the piles of leaves people just rake onto the road to be picked up by a big fume spewing street cleaning truck. I often think about running around in the night and stealing everyone's leaves to make mountains of compost. The truth is if people would just compost their leaves they would need to use less synthetic fertilizer in their lawn or garden, and cities would not need to spend as much time, energy, money, and fuel going around picking up and processing yard waste. Everyone benefits, except the synthetic fertilizer companies of course.

When you compost you're also recycling kitchen scraps. Instead of throwing nutrients away and filling up trash bags with banana peels, old rotted lettuce, bruised apples, watermelon rinds, and anything else you have you are keeping those things out of the trash and turning them into compost which you can then use to fertilize your garden.

All the other benefits aside, the free organic fertilizer for your garden really is the best reason for composting. Synthetic fertilizers can build up in the soil and cause PH problems. They can get caught in runoff and end up in our water supply. Being able to cut down on synthetic fertilizers is helpful both for your garden, and for the enviroment.

Composting works wonders for your garden, and it is beneficial for the environment. Even if you don't buy our composter, you should get one somewhere and give it a try. A garden without a compost bin is like a hot tub without a heater. Purchase a composter today.

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