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Airflow Diagram Revolutionary composting system makes compost in weeks, not months with its Patented Central Aeration System; Works 90% Faster, Requires 75% Less Effort. Aeration is the Secret to getting "quality" nutrient-filled compost fast.


We sell one compost tumbler, the UCT9 which is 9 cubic feet and is made of 100% recycled material. It comes with free shipping and a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Key Features:

I'm sorry but the manufacturer of these has ceased operation and they are no longer available. We can no longer take any orders.

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  UCT-9 (view picture)
Color Black
Capacity 9.5 cu. ft.
7.6 bushels
71 gallons
Frame 100% recycled plastic.
Weight 61 lbs.
Width 33"
Height 42.5"
Length 34.25"
Footprint 44" x 35"
Shipping FREE!
Cost $349.95
Buy two!
Why Buy 2?

All our products are made in the USA
at factories in California & South Carolina.
Made in the USA

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