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Living Green - Organic Compost Tumbler. World's Best Composter.
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Why Buy Two?

Compost Tumblers are batch composters. That means when it is filled it works best if you keep the lid on and not add any new materials. Considering in an ideal situation it should take around 14 days for the compost to be done, if you continue adding materials during that time you'll have to keep delaying the finish date. Many people will keep a bucket or an old pot near the composter for the new stuff, but what if that bucket gets smelly, attracts rodents, or overflows? So many people buy two composters, they fill one up while the other is cooking, then swap. If you have the room this setup will ensure you always have a batch of compost cooking.

Since we know this is a common setup we've even sweetened the pot for you by providing savings when you buy two composters at the same time. Plus, if you think about it, even if you buy two, you're still spending less than what some of our competitors charge for just one!

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2 Organic Compost Tumblers
With two composters you'll always have one cooking while the other is being filled.

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